Residential snow removal in Dorval or Pointe-Claire

  • Please pick honest driveway size, and complete online purchase
  • Single driveway: one car width
  • Single and a half: one car width with a section that is two cars wide
  • Double driveway: two cars wide
  • Oversized driveway (odd shaped or that can fit over 6 cars) please contact us directly for a quote (514) 915-3894
  • Your driveway will be geolocated by a staff member when pickets are installed to ensure great quality service.
  • Automated text messages or phone calls will be sent prior to our last passage during a snowfall. Please enter appropriate coordinates at checkout.

Driveway Snow Removal (Dorval or Pointe-Claire)

C$265.00 Regular Price
C$238.50Sale Price